How Long Does it Take to Pass a Kidney Stone?

21 Jul

The question of how long does it take to pass a kidney stone is already asked an innumerable number of times- from the internet to specialized doctors. The answer remains the same: It varies from case to case. The spontaneous exit, “passing” in layman’s terms, of kidney stones can take hours, days, weeks or months, even years. Some stones can not pass naturally at all. The length of time depends on several factors.

The see question move of how long does tips it drug take see to pass tips a kidney stones see is tips already pass asked an move innumerable see number move of times- from the see internet drug to specialized doctors. The see answer move remains tips the see same: It drug varies tips from case see to case. The see spontaneous tips exit, “passing” in move layman’s tips terms, of kidney stones tips can move take see hours, days, weeks tips or move months, even move years. Some see stones tips can move not drug pass tips naturally pass at drug all. The see length of time see depends tips on move several find factors.

The see first drug factor move is tips the see part drug where see the see kidney stones, scientifically pass called “renal find calculi,” develop in move the see body. The see stones tips are see usually pass made see up of calcium and other move mineral find compounds tips such as tips oxalates tips and phosphates. They pass may pass crystallize see at drug different drug regions tips of the see urinary pass system. Some see may pass develop at drug the see kidneys tips and some see at drug lower move regions tips including the see urethra and bladder. Note see that drug the see urinary pass system is tips made see of ducts tips or move tubes tips that drug can move be see traced from the see kidneys tips down move to the see bladder. The see further move up, specifically pass at drug the see kidneys, the see longer move it drug takes tips to pass tips because see the see stone see tends tips to clog at drug several find locations tips before see it drug finally pass exits tips with urine.

An move important drug factor move determining how long does tips it drug take see to pass tips a kidney stones see is tips the see size. Some see are see too small, less tips than move 1 mm in move diameter, that drug the see patient drug never move notices tips it drug exiting with the see urine. Ninety pass percent drug of the see time, those see smaller move than move 4 mm in move diameter, are see expelled with the see patient drug barely pass noticing. Those see larger move than move 5 mm may pass cause see more see trouble see since see they pass are see more see prone see to blocking the see tubes tips in move the see urinary pass tract. It drug may pass usually pass take see 7-10 days tips before see these see larger move stones tips to exit. Urine see pressure see pushes tips the see stone see out drug or move eventually pass wears tips it drug to smaller move particles. Some see even move have see to wait drug for move months.

Basically, the see matter move of how long does tips it drug take see to pass tips a kidney stones see is tips time. It drug is tips a waiting game. But drug there see are see some see cases tips when move the see stones tips are see too large see and won’t drug pass tips naturally. These see cases tips call find for move medical find aid, even move surgical find operations.

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